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T9 can it be converted to full auto?


Just curious if the T9 can be converted to full auto? That'll be wild!
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Poor-man's method:

See manual page 5.

You could grind down the sloping face on the "release" (part 5) so that it no longer disengaged the "rotator" (part 6) from the sear (part 3) when the bolt reset after the first shot. That would hold down the sear as long as you held the trigger pulled.

If it cycled more than once (which I doubt), it would probably cycle too fast and be a blender. Because of the slow charge rate of the valve system only the first shot would be at any decent velocity.

What would probably happen is that the bolt would reset after the first shot, and then close only partway on the second shot, where it would find some equilibrium between pressure (pushing the bolt closed) and spring force (pushing the bolt open). It might oscillate or not, depending on a lot of factors.

What you really want is some mechanism that drops the sear when:
1) The trigger is pulled AND
2) the firing chamber is fully pressurized.

It'd probably be simpler just to use the hopper attachment and shoehorn electro guts (battery, board, solenoid, trigger switch) into the grip somehow.
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I've tried just removing part 5 and got one shot off at a much higher velocity than it was set at, but it did continue to cycle, it just didnt feed. I took that to mean that the bolt did not cycle completely back and so it didnt allow a ball to be fed from the mag.

Im told that the Tiberius markers are similar to Automags, and the full auto affect could be similar to how the RT Mag works. Unfortunately I neither own one nor know how it works. Can anyone with RT experience butt in and tell us if this would work similarly? It would be REALLY cool to blast the agglets with a full auto T-9 with a boxmag
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Tiberius guns are sorta half a 'mag. Tiberius guns have a sear holding back the bolt (just like a mag), but 'mags have an additional feature attached to the trigger: an on/off valve. The valve only allows the firing chamber to re-pressurize once the bolt is back home and held by the sear. On a 'mag, the sear is released as long as you hold the trigger, but the on/off valve keeps the chamber from re-pressurizing so it only fires once. On a Tiberius, the sear is reset when the bolt returns home and the rotator is disengaged from the sear, allowing the sear to pop up and hold the bolt. When you release the trigger, the rotator snaps back into the slot on the sear allowing you to shoot again.

RT 'mags use tank pressure on the on/off pin to help reset the trigger - when shooting, you feel a force trying to reset the trigger after every shot. With a little practice (and a 1000psi+ output HPA tank), you can shoot quickly with little effort. It's not full-auto, though. The trigger actually goes through a complete cycle every shot. I've never shot a response-triggered Tippmann, but your trigger finger does a similar job on both guns.

Since Tiberius guns don't have that on/off pin, there's no easy way to add the RT effect.

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What if you did such things as echo has suggested in other threads to mill out parts 4 and 5 as he called them but then add rap4's style lock bolt to temporarily hold the bolt until ball is loaded then the ball will push lockbolt out of way and then allow the gun to fire? Just something that popped into my mind lol
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