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MOdding a stock barrel for F/S rounds

Who's done it?

I'm wondering how accuracy compares to the Lapco barrels or the upgraded Tiberius barrels that come in the conversion kits.

I already have the F/S bolt and mags, so I think it's just the barrel stopping me.
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It should pretty much shoot the same. The cut out shape is the only difference. Use a dremel tool to cut it out. Be sure and debur and crown the edges. The only way to make FS rounds shoot better. Is the Tiberius/ Lapco rifled barrel.
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I wouldn't say the only way is with the rifled barrel but it is the best way by far. The Lapco Str8 shot also shoots significantly better than a stock TA barrel but the Lapco rifled is the best option. The conversation kit comes with a stock ta barrel. Theres a thread of a mod someone did to convert old T9 barrel to 9.1 and I think its over on the TA forums.
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you can't convert a t9 barrel to a t9.1 without HEAVY modding making it easier to just get the right barrel.

to convert a t8 pb barrel to a t8 fs barrel you shouldn't have to much of a problem.....except for the fact that they changed the milling slot (on the fs barrels) that you load the barrel into the upper receiver for more support. if you cruise around you should see pictures some where or i can just email you a picture of mine.... they did this bc once you file away the area needed the breach of the barrel is very weak bc of minimal material being present.

get some calipers and measure it out you'll see.
red pm your email and i'll shot you that picture.

for the most part it should work.....but not for very long and don't drop the barrel on anything or you'll be SOL

i received one of the original designs (for the fs barrels) from lapco before they changed the slot milling and the end was damaged just as i said bc it was to weak, a call to them and they set me up with a new one
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i had a machine shop buddy of mine mill my t8 hammerhead barrel to have an fs opening just recently, you can see pics of it on pbnation in the tiberius section. honestly for the work thats involved in it unless you can buy a machinist some lunch to do it i would just go buy an after market barrel, they are noticeably better than stock
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don't hammerhead barrels rifle the wrong way for FS?
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Looking at an FS, and looking at the rifling on hammerheads site, looks like they go the same way to me... I think the reason behind the FS-specific barrel was just because hammerhead didn't make them for the T8's anymore. Sounds like good news for the guys who want to use FS in Empire Trracers and other non-Tiberius markers though...
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the rifling spins the proper direction. hammerhead just never made any that where first strike compatible. i havent had time to do any extensive testing yet to see if it makes any difference at all due to needing to fix my t8, however i figure it cant hurt and i can shoot normal paintballs through it as well unlike the new rifled barrel for the t8.1 and t9.1
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