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little help t8.1 t9

ok so I have acquired an 8.1 and a t9 neither are running, the t8.1 seems to chuff and vent form the rear end this a seal issue in the engine as the orings on the rear block look fine...
the t9 is venting down the barrel...reg seat oring? or something else also the barrel wont fully engage..

any help would be great
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Tibs are bizarre beasts when teching. My 9.1 was being stupid. I took it apart, cleaned, lubed, assembled 3 times. Gave it to the tech. He did it multiple times. Came back after a few rounds and it was working. Asked him what he did? He said nothing I didnt do lol still dunno what was going wrong and never happened again.

Rebuild. Relube. Try again.

If the barrel isnt locking in either the "threads" are damaged or the press fit pin is damaged/pushed in. Dont know what you mean by fully engaged. Its either locked in place or its not.

The power tube should have orings on it. I dont think the end cap screw does.

Ive also seen the reg bolts cause issues. I.e. not pulling the reg tight enough to the body to seal right.

Oring kit with a full clean and tear down with solve most tib issues. Just remember to push the bolt forward so it doesnt lock behind the sear. I use triflow oil plus hatersauce in some spots. All you need is oil though.

My orings lasted from when I bought it in 08 ish till this year. Did a full rebuild just to do it.

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When working they are beast I didn't maintain mine for a summer and over 1000 fsr . Took it apart to give it wipe down just because . All sorts of issues after assembling take it apart checked everything nothing ! Assembled ran another 500 through it no problem . Hard too say what most problems are . Just go with it lol
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