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TPX help

Can anyone explain the gas purge function on the velocity adjustor for the TPX? I replaced an Oring just ahead of the main spring, on the reciever that was chopped, and now my pistol only gets about 14 shots off a 12 gram, (Not to mention shredding every third shot). I presume I've just done something bone headed putting it back together, but cannot for the life of me figure this out.

Thanks ahead of time

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It's supposed to prevent spikes in velocity. If it creeps up to high it purges the air so you don't shoot hot.

What is your velocity set at? you should get about 20 or so shots at about 260-270 fps.

Are you using 7 or 8 round mags? 8 round mags are trash and should be sent back to Tippmann for new 7 round mags free of charge.

Also do you have the upgraded internals? If not or if you don't know call Tippmann and they will tell you if you do or not. They will also replace them free of charge.

If you have all of that and are still shredding paint make sure you didn't put the detent in backwards.
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Without seeing it my guess would go right along with Crimson's thoughts on velocity being high.
Other than that, was the o-ring seated properly when you changed it? I've had them slide/slip off to the side where it could catch the spring. It can be tough to put back together, you get to a certain point and you gotta just go for it.

I'd check velocity first, if not that break down and try again.
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I think you guys are right on the $. I'll waste another 12 gram and some paint chrono ing it tonight and if that fails - tear it down. The oring between the reciever and main spring had drifted up the spring last time I dissassembled, (I had originally take n it apart to replace that oring - last one was shredded). I'd like to have it up and running again like it was this fall for our upcoming diefenbaker bunker game on March 9th.
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