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Squishy paddles

So, I'm sick of my cyclones being a blender and know that the squishy paddles will help a lot. That said, I don't feel like blowing $20 each on all 7 that I own. Anyone know if the $4 ones on eBay are any good? If not I'll just bite the bullet...
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They were giving them away at Fulda Gap two years ago, missed it man!

I gave mine away at a local field. $20 sounds like a joke, buying one off of ebay just to test would be completely worth it.
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From what I recall the Ebay ones tend to slip on the axle and cause misfeeds. Better to spend $20 on a part that's quality then to waste $4 on crap. Besides, if you're not satisfied with a TechT product, you can always return it for a refund.

As for buying 7 of them....

The cyclone is held on by one bolt and one banjo fitting Just move the Squishy'd cyclone to whatever gun you're using that day. That's what I used to do with my A5's, keep one modded cyclone and rotate it to the gun I planned to use, and kept the stockers as spares.
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I bought a green $5 set off of ebay. Seems to be working well so far and is a snug fit.
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I bought the eBay sets for all my guns (at my buddy's outlaw woodsball field these all end up being the "rental fleet" which is why I needed all of them setup).

The cheap sets are working really well, I had no cyclone breaks since moving to those paddles. They even came with the alternate taller upper part like TechT sends out, in case you like that idea more.

I have doubts that the knockoffs are really any different, but admittedly I do not have a TechT set in front of me to compare. I might take the chance on a "real" TechT set for my E-Bolt, but even the cheap set handled a full day of speedball on Saturday with zero hassle.

Having players holding high end electros (axe, ego, etc) being somewhat scared by a 98... priceless.

I'll report back on this thread in case any issues develop, and invite others to do the same.
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