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VM barrel problems?

Ok so finally take out one of the VM's I picked up early this year, front asa 7oz CO2 tank and a venturi bolt in it. Chrono it the night before at 255-265 fps since it was going to be hot Sunday and with the front mounted tank I expected some jumps in fps.
After a few games we head to the "urban" field and I grab the VM, start of the game I start firing the loud beast and the balls start curving real bad in all directions about 30-40 feet out. Now the paint shot out of my cocker and my sons with no problem the earlier game so I know it's not the paint.
Well I'm sending plenty of suppression fire at least in the enemies general direction and all the sudden barrel flies off the front of the gun. At first I thought the barrel sleeve unthreaded itself from the gun, but that was still attached. So I slide it back on and fire some more, and the barrel starts sliding out of the sleeve. Now I'm holding it while firing and the balls are still going everywhere cept where I want them to. I started to worry something was off with the velocity the way the balls where slicing on me but after the match it chronos just where I had it the night before.
I end up throwing it back in the bag for the day to play rather then tech a gun. Broke it down earlier today and seems the metal lip on the end of the barrel came off and let the barrel fly out of the sleeve, check bolt clearance and it doesn't contact the barrel and fits insided with no resistance, so I'm stumped as to why it was coming out. Not sure if the metal ring/lip was milled or soldered on to the back and why the flight paths were so erratic. I have a few large bore relics that fire small paint fine in fact my PGP sent them on target with every shot yesterday. Any ideas or suggestions from the empire.
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Those bores are huge. Truth be told rather than fiddle with it, replace the barrel. VM barrels can be found pretty cheap. You can either get a one piece barrel, or an old style that uses the stock threaded collar you have, but you'll have bore size problems still.
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Sometimes the solder breaks on some of those old barrels,not uncommon for it to happen.I have a one piece aluminum VM barrel I'll sell you for the cost of shipping if you're interested....was given to me and I have no use for it and is a good candidate for having it bored for Freak inserts
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I just may have to take you up on that chaos, paypal ok? I have another VM so as long as I'm not using both I have at least one barrel, just haven't seen accuracy that bad and it not be the paint. Seriously I thought something may have went wrong and I was shooting 400+fps the way they were flying. I had rollouts on my Sheridans til I nail polished them and some of my cocker barrels give me rollouts but they still shoot straight. Maybe a possiblity of the barrel working it's way out and vibrations at the tip from the massive recoil causing the problem?
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I had the lip break off of one of my OEM barrels years ago. There's really not an easy way to premanently repair it.

The best remedy is definitely an aftermarket barrel. I get excellent accuracy and range out of this Armson barrel, with almost any paint I've ever used:

I've used half a dozen different barrels on this gun over the years, and every one of them self-unscrews to a certain extent. I just check it in between games or whenever I'm standing still.

Anybody got a good trick for keeping the VM's barrel in place?
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teflon tape.
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Hmmm...interesting idea! I'll give that one a try.
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I have some .685/.687 barrels here for VMs:

Sheridan VM-68 Tear Drop Pattern Barrel [vm68tdbrl] - $30.00 : Celanis Paintball, Online Store

If you need another one.
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