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Shiba-Kun 01-10-2008 05:19 PM

CPP 12th & 13th "Beyond the Looking Glass".
Anybody else going? :confused:

I'll be there on the 13th with my S5RF, rockin' it ol skool pump style!:old: :LMAO:

I'll try to take some snaps and most them later on.:)

El Gringo 01-10-2008 07:27 PM

There was another thread around here about it.
IIRC, Uranus will be there and Sully on the 13th with his Hurricane
I'm going to try to make it (if the wife allows it) on Sunday. I'll shoot something nasty

earonk 01-10-2008 07:50 PM

what are the prices and what not for it? the entire field closed off for this event?

El Gringo 01-10-2008 07:56 PM

PB and J HomeI think $75 for both days, $45 for 1 day

Shiba-Kun 01-11-2008 11:02 AM

Plus it's another Guide Dogs for the Blind charity event.

Last year they gave away some prizes including having Matty Marshall & Nicky Cuba dueling it out for Tiberius pistols if I remember correctly.

zulu 01-11-2008 12:01 PM

I'm new here, but I'll be there. You can look me and my team up at the event, OCMI. We'll be the guys with the PUG rockin' a DT and twin LAWS.

Oh, and I'll be shooting my first Blazer for the first time!!!!:gunsfiring::gunsfiring:

Shiba-Kun 01-14-2008 10:52 AM

^ Did you go? Did El Gringo make it out there?:confused:

I was hanging out in the LA Hitmen / Fullclip area.

That was pretty scary when Dan and his tank rolled over in the morning session on Sunday.:(

What did you guys think of the way the game ended?

+ = Lots of shooting and shooting & more shooting.
Friendly and curtious staff and ref crew.
Lots of raffle prizes + Pogo does a good job MC'ing.

- = Refs purposely getting shot by the players.
Only one field used.
Ultra late game start on Sunday: 10:30/11?:(
The way the final game ended.

ta2maki 01-14-2008 01:25 PM

Who won? And the 'LAPCO' tank rolled over? Wow.

I was there on saturday with a few of my friends kids. My friend was supposed to go, but got called in for work at the last minute So ended up having to be 'dad'. We stationed with the guys at Splat Magazine, which was right next to/behind the Full Clip tent. The first day, there was lots of yelling 'Outta my way, ref', maybe by day 2 everyone was tired of the refs being in the way? Not saying it's acceptable though. On saturday, all 6 upper fields were used and the ridgeline that spanned above the fields. Started at the same time on Saturday(11:00).

To me it appeared that the teams were very lopsided. Many of the tourney and good players were on Malice. It did make it more fun for me as I was on Alice, but I'm guessing for the game Alice got destroyed? It was the first time playing in a scenario, so everything was very chaotic for us.

Zulu- Were you the one that got lit up in the back trying to sneak up to Alice's CP on sat.? For the others, here's the story: an OCMI player was DMWing along the side to complete a mission(I think he had to sneak up to the opposing teams CP). As he walked past the fireline, the guy next to me noticed him and attempted to get his attention as he looked a bit suspicious. The player ignored everybody and continued to walk, looking down. One shot was made and as soon as the shot whizzzed by his head, he took off running. Everyone on Alice's side started yelling and running to get the player out. That's when one of the guys started laying paint on his back, even after his hand went up. The ref had pretty much had to take his gun away to stop the guy from shooting. It was pretty ugly.

Shiba-Kun 01-14-2008 03:55 PM

The refs who were being shot intentionally were standing against the netting, hence their ire. Plus to top it off there was a confrontation were a player shot a ref after being asked to leave the field of play.

Onto the game itself:

Malice won. It was kinda strange though...

During the "final battle" on sunday afternoon we ("Malice" or "red" team) held the high ground. There was a really good skirmish in the middle of the field.

All a sudden organizers/role players came running over yelling "cease fire!", "barrel condoms on!", "hold your places!", etc. I was with Chuck H from JT and a few of the Hitmen guys and we all thought that there was a medical emergency on the field, etc. The refs even called for everybody to "huddle up" at the center of the field.

Since the announcements had come mainly (IMO) from our side, the Alice team continued to play on with many players taking advantageous positions on the hillside, tape line, etc. Moving unopposed upwards of 20/30+ yards in some cases especially since we'd put our guns down.

Then to make things even more chaotic, other refs called out "keep playing", "game on", etc. without a countdown or any other warning, while other refs continued to have us hold fire on the field.

As best as I can make out: There was a truce between the Alice & Malice roleplayers. Malice (being Malice LOL) shot Alice in the foot ending the scenario. But that part didn't get transmitted to the players until maybe 5+ minutes after the first "cease fire" calls had gone out.:(

Sonny Lopez from the LA Hitmen tried to keep his guys on the field so we could play some more p-ball, but by then most people had lost the buzz to play & most people were ready to head over to the post scenario raffle, etc.

Obviously this is taken from the Red team POV. Especially since the call to hold fire & the organizers who interrupted the skimishing originated from our side of the field. I'd like to hear from a blue team player on why they didn't get the message to hold in place and cease fire. If it was a true medical emergency or something similar, then it would have been a scary situation.

Getting shot multiple times by players moving and playing on while you're standing in place w/ your barrel condom on is not fun & very frustrating to boot.:(

Maybe a couple air horns or bullhorns would have been a good field accessory for the reffing staff.

But that being said... I had a great time!:thumbup:

zulu 01-14-2008 05:12 PM


Originally Posted by ta2maki (Post 287435)
Zulu- Were you the one that got lit up in the back trying to sneak up to Alice's CP on sat.?

"Not I," said the cat. I was the OCMI player wearing the Full Clip gear (Fast Rack/rig and Shemagh). Unfortunately I didn't have time to get my name bar done for that new vest yet so the only thing that set me apart from some of the hitmen was that they were wearing Multicam (or their team jersey) and I was wearing OCMI's team uni...issue MARPAT. I spent a lot of time battling against Alice's forces from the top of that hill and along the netting. Basically, it was me and my fire team (OCMI's Charlie Company) moving along that road and raining gelatinous death from above.:gunsfiring:

Oh, and as I stated, this was my first game playing with my new (to me..hehe) Blazer. Thank you Palmer's Pursuit Shop for making that ridgeside raindance possible.....i'm sure there are those on the opposing team who would like to "thank you" as well.:ROTFL:

Can't wait to add an Apex to that.:drool:


That wasn't the OCMI (LAPCO) tank which rolled. Ours has a lower center of gravity. It was a different tank......they told me that day whose tank it was, but I don't recall at the moment.

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