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Sorry wrong thread, just natural reflex to talk crap bout them...
Diabetics know how to take shots.
Venture Games, greatest place in the world, period.

Would anyone like to donate to the telecaster fund?
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I was at Hollywood sports yesterday and was actually quite impressed with the field itself. I guess i didn't appreciate it before. Everything you need is very compact. You don't need to walk a mile to get air or food.

The players on the other hand are a whole different story. I'm fine with new players as long as they adhere to the golden rule. I couldn't believe how many times people had their mask off during play or was walking around with a hot gun without their barrel plug.
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Originally Posted by Uranus View Post
I'll go to Fields of fire and CPP. The just did a little makeover at CPP it was pretty nice and they added a bunker d-day kinda thing. I didn't get a chance to play it because my group was too lazy to fight an uphill battle, Except for Dun, he was cool
That was fun! That first time up the hill was the worst, but it got easier as the day went on.

I'm either in Sherman oaks(anything around LA) or in Ontario(SC village to Jungle Island)

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Originally Posted by Diabetic11 View Post
Closest place for me is Paintball Jungle...but I will never go there again unless we bring a whole venture games linch gang to beat up on the "honorable hornets and magic carpet bob"
Amen to that!
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I love playing at field of fire. that and it feels like most places around that area either closed down or have a very bad rep. but i always have fun and meet people at field of fire
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