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stockman 08-06-2006 11:32 PM

Franchi Spas 12 shotgun Has folding stock and carry hook and extended mag tube.
Good condition does have some were from pumping.
Holds 8+1
$1250 077.d6b.jpg

Rev_Cocker 08-06-2006 11:39 PM

I thought you got rid of this awhile ago...still a nice scattergun's Springfield?

See you in the middle!
Rev. Jason Geer

stockman 08-06-2006 11:45 PM

LAst buyer backed out, Don't know why. Springfield is good. KS?

HTRN 08-07-2006 07:30 AM

Uhm, doesn't the SPAS 12 require a DD permit, like the Street Sweepers?


Azzy 08-07-2006 09:15 AM

I thought that went out with the "assault weapon" ban. Then again, it never prevented existing pieces from being transffered by private hands, AFAIK.

Lrrpie-CT 08-07-2006 09:16 AM

Except for us poor bastards in Connecticut. SPAS 12 off limits, legally, that is. :(

slvrwulf 08-07-2006 11:04 AM

Ummm, didn't bush choose NOT to renew the assault weapons ban? Was under the impression, as you can still get all the goodies here in NH.

Schmitti 08-07-2006 12:01 PM

Why would the SPAS be a DD?

It's a select semi/pump shotgun. There are several others on the market place..they just aren't as ugly.

Wasn't the street sweeper capable of being mod'd to do full auto or was it semi only. I know it had the goofy rotary drum..something like 10 or 12 shots.

Anyways.... you folks in CT aren't allowed to have stuff like that because you are just trouble in general ;)


HTRN 08-07-2006 07:37 PM

It was forced to be a DD by name, like the drum fed shotguns.

Any self loading shotgun can be converted to full auto, except that the SPAS and the Streetsweeper suffer from "Evil black rifle" syndrome. Here's the deal: any firearm over .50 caliber INCLUDING Shotguns, deed a "sporting use" exemption for them to be sold without a destructive device permit. The power's that be decided that the SPAS and the Streetsweeper were not "sporting firearms", and thus were not exempt(which is complete and utter bull**** - if you're regulating by caliber, it should be the CARTRIDGE that determines whether or not it can be sold - uses regular 12 gauge 2 3/4? Then it should be legal).

The reason I brought it up is because I was recently doing research on DD's for a 4 bore project(which is way, waaaay over .50:D ), just not in the way most people use them - mini arty. I wanted to know what I had to do to avoid the DD paperwork(which I couldn't get here in New York anyway), and make sure it was registered as "sporting firearm":LMAO:



Schmitti 08-07-2006 09:04 PM

4 bore.. what is that 4 inch" ? You're f'ing nuts!

Hell my Uncle used to have an 8 guage and that was big!!!! He never even shot it because the guy he bought it from (a HUGE dude) said it kicked like getting hit with a truck.

Anyways.. good luck with your project :)


PS - How much of a pia is it to bring pistols into NY and register them... just wondering. I'm in PA if it helps.

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