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Cerberus Innovations AIRWALK Pre Order

Ok guys and gals here is your chance to own an Airwalk trigger frame

the pictures are shown in a raw state and before polishing also the in the picture that is an RPG viper blade here is a refferance to an AGD problade

here are your options:

RPG Viper blade or AGD ProBlade Trigger

Cyberave68 Tribal or Smooth Aluminum Panels

Gloss or Dust black

Now there Are only 24 frames being sold today that means that there is only

12 Viperblades
12 Agd Problades
12 sets of Tribal panels
12 sets of smooth panels


Airwalk Frame with Viperblade and your choice of tribal or smooth panels, and choice of gloss or dust Black while supplies last 195.00 shipped in the US
Also the Viper Blade trigger and panels will be anoed to match your color choice

Airwalk frame with the Agd Pro blade trigger of tribal or smooth panels, and choice of gloss or dust Black while supplies last 175.00 shipped in the US
now with this option the Pro blade trigger and panels will also be anoed to match your color choice

If you want it in polished/Raw it will be the same price as above that is just how it is.

Pre order is 50.00
As for a estimated time of delivery that is to be determined but as a rough estimate 5-8
weeks or sooner

I will post an update as of how many trigger styles and panel styles are left
as they are ordered

here are the rules follow them please:

Post your order here first I will contact you and then we will get your order processed

it is a first come first serve basis you can pm me if you like I will answer them and put you on the list BUT you have a better chance to post here first that is what takes Priority

Note: I have one being raffled off at TUNABALL May 5 be there for your chance to win one for next to nothing

Note: I also am looking for Karta Dallara Chord V1 and V2 and IT bodies or if you have a custom Mag body and want to trade for a frame I will take a look

Also I will not be around after 12:00 today untill later this afternoon sorry , I will answer all ? and orders in the order I recieve them when I get back today
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