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I have to agree with both of the points being made here. People that do not stop for buses should be given a serious fine. I find it very sad that we do not protect our children more from these types of people. Just last year in this area we had two children killed this way. A teenager decided that she could not wait for the bus to finish and went around it. Very sad indeed. I have railed before in this very forum about responsiblity. This not a small infraction, and the fines must in relative to that.

But to go along with this, come on now walk 100 feet to a cental bus stop for crying out loud. I thought that I was behind a limo bus dropping off every child at their own home the other day. I used to have to walk to school because I lived within 5 miles of the school. I do not want to start the whole walking up hill both ways to school, but lets get out and walk a little. Maybe that would help the weight issue that American children a having
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