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We're back!!!!!!!!!!

Ok Gents,

After some time off due to a new promotion at work, partnership dissolvement, moving, etc., I'm proud to say that WE'RE BACK, with a new & improved Kydex holster. The improvements are:

Sleeker design - We've improved on the design a bit. Added a sleeker, more polished & professional appearance.

Spring Retention - If you want a tighter fit, just adjust the screws on the sides, which will tighten the Kydex's grip around your T8.

Barrel Plug & Retainer
- A lot of you have asked since the holster was open-ended, what could we do to address safety issues/concerns on the field. This "nifty" little addition addresses those concerns.

Snap Fastner Safety Strap - In addition to the trigger retention unique to our holsters, we now offer a retention strap to ensure that your T8 stays put.

And now, time for some pics.

We're definitely BACK!!!!!!

Currently working on:
TPX Holster
Vest Rig, single & dual, for both T8 & TPX
A new rig called "The Castor Troy"
Mag Holders for both T8 & TPX.
And something nicknamed "The SPRINGER".

All the above items, will be able to connect by way of molle locks, molle
strike place, drop leg or belt loop.

Like I said, we're BACK - with a vengeance.
877 - 795 -SWPB

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