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Originally Posted by Walking_Target View Post
Should I?..... no..... must.....resist....dirty.....joke.....
Hahah, I knew I was setting myself up...

Originally Posted by sdawg View Post
I'm glad that someone started this thread. I am having a HECK of a time getting my 1992 cocker to work. the main problem I am having is that it won't recock.

Is it possible to set the timing rod too long? When the trigger is pulled all the way back, the three way should still be causing the back block to be pushed back, right?
The answer to your questions is yes and yes. It's very possible to set your timing rod too long. Usually I have my cockers timed pretty tight so the three way activates almost the same time as firing. Just enough space between firing and cycling so there's little/no blowback (almost seems like there's suction when I'm dry firing it). I'm hoping you have threaded timing rods and cocking rods. If you seriously plan on playing with your cocker then I highly recommend you replace the non-threaded bits.
I believe the timing order is:

Set-up the back block so that there's just an tiny bit of space (paper-thin, just a bit of daylight) between the back block and body.

Next, set the cocking rod length so when the back block is all the way back the bolt clears the breech by just a bit.

After that adjust your sear lug to about mid point in your trigger pull.

Then your 3-way. You can gas it up at this point and pull the trigger as you adjust the collar to get it just right.

If you need more info here's Ravi Chopra's excellent Infosheet on cockers:

Hope this helps
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