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Originally Posted by Zerochance

Not mine. Its's. The previously thought mythical "KP Long" known only from a photo seen on
Originally Posted by Chefdave
The owner (a MCB member BTW) is holding the gun and is not podup365. I've fondled this baby and it is mint as can be. You have to sweet talk him into pulling it out of the glass case.

Azzy - both guns pictured are the same.
Originally Posted by Phantom Power
So, did Podup365 just purchase this marker ? Because in the sheridan picture thread he seems to have it on his carpet...

He also seems to be talking about it like he's got it in his hands.
Aye, both guns pictured are the same. I am not the owner, but it was in my hands. The guy holding it in the B&W photo is the owner and will likely be the owner till the day he passes from this earth and we pry it from his cold, lifeless fingers. That photo was taken on the day he purchased it, many moons ago.

I agree with Chefdave, he is a shameless hoarder of all things paintball. I am fortunate to have him living close by.

I am only the messenger, having "sweet talked" him into taking the color photos of this brass and wood .68 cal. wonderment so I could post them online for you guys to drool over. The color pictures were taken in his shop, on the carpet there. is offline   Reply With Quote