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Originally Posted by Sencha View Post

Fort-essentially the lining up is that even with wonderful measurements and careful cutting it may not be perfect, and since I'd be mocking up a second pump arm (maybe altogether new pump) why not allow for some adjustment of where the arm and screw and bolt all make one happy family. I'd like to be able to adjust my pump arm length (not length of the pump motion but where the pump sits on the body) by a inch so anyone that uses it can set it for their own feel. Something like this I would be lending out to few people I play with alot, and I know some people, like my brother, like either long pump handles or ones that sit farther out.

The reason for the Ghost's pump hitting the body is to keep it from burping... I thought the pump hitting the body on my Ghost was odd so I modified it and found out the hard way,,, I was having some other problems as well... Luckily LAPCO was nice enough to replace my pump for me and fix my other issues free of charge...

Now if you could find a Grey Spirit it was nothing more than a Ghost with 2 pump arms...

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