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I have to echo Shiba-Kun's sentiments. I've bought parts from CCM's Ebay store a time or two, and picked up a T2 from them a couple weeks ago.

Had my first chance to use the T2 today in a scenario game in Ohio. We started the day at 10 and it had risen to a balmy 19 by the time we were wrapping up. The dimply .679" Polar Ice shot amazingly well out of my T2, other than 2 or 3 barrel breaks (not the marker's fault in any way). It was just a pleasure to shoot. +/-2 over the chrono all day long. On a side note I found that holding the pump handle forward only increased velocity by 5-7 fps. That tight range allowed me to chrono in right at the cap.

I knew the T2's efficiency was good going in, but honestly, it was even better than I expected. I shot 1500 today all told, but at one point, I shot a hopper (12v Revy) and 4 140-rd pods, and only drained half of my 45ci 4500 tank.

Will get around to writing a review eventually, but for now, wow. And thanks!
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