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Originally Posted by CovertRssian View Post
Well I got some awesome news. I was just looking at this thread: Unboxing of the First Strike T8 Conversion Kit - Tiberius Arms Forums

And it looks like the SA-8 that I got is first strike ready, just needs a barrel or dremel. My firing pin/bolt looks the same and the spring looks the same.

how can you tell? did you take yours apart to see the bolt?
im gonna have to look.. because i was looking at the pics in that link..

yeah you can cut the barrel with a dremel if all else is the same... although i also see you still need new mags.. could attempt to cut the ones we have.. but not sure...

Originally Posted by HP_Lovecraft View Post
Did you add oil to the valve before you put the 12gram in, like the directions say?

guess i better take my book out.. i didnt oil it up yet..
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