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Originally Posted by TeleFragger View Post
how can you tell? did you take yours apart to see the bolt?
im gonna have to look.. because i was looking at the pics in that link..

yeah you can cut the barrel with a dremel if all else is the same... although i also see you still need new mags.. could attempt to cut the ones we have.. but not sure...

guess i better take my book out.. i didnt oil it up yet..

Originally Posted by TeleFragger View Post
so you say we got the fs bolt in our sa-8's???

all we need to do is get a new barrel (or mod ours) and new clips?
It looks like it at least. I posted pictures earlier here.

Look at how long the spring is and how the front bolt has the edges smoothed down in the front.

Originally Posted by TeleFragger View Post
the co2 quick screw?
it is the adapter that you use to screw in the co2 ... without a co2 in you can screw it all the way in...
The magazines that come with these guns seem to be quick screw ones.

Originally Posted by HurtCow View Post
I noticed there's quite a bit of volume in the dump chamber. I'm wondering if filling that a bit would increase efficiency, like bobbing a Phantom valve body. Machine some washers to fit snugly in and just increase reg pressure a bit.
Maybe this is why I only got two mags out of one CO2 cartridge. I'll try again tomorrow, gun is back together .

Originally Posted by Mplanters View Post
is this promotion only in US? thanks
Yes, please refer to web page for more information.
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