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My Woodstalker Ion

Some of you may have seen this on other forums or some pics in my Annual Duracoat Review. Posting here for reference purposes and for those who haven't seen it.

Background- Starting in 89-90, I still haven't gotten comfortable with Double Triggers. Back when electros first came out with single finger triggers, I couldn't afford them. Eventually, SP released the Ion and what I saw was a highly customizable platform. In July of 2006, I started contacting aftermarket companies to see if I could spur any of them to release a single trigger frame and trigger. Unfortunately nobody took me up on it. So, I then set off to look at doing it myself. My first thought was to see if I could obtain CAD files, modify them and then have a CAD shop produce one. So, in September of 2006, I gave Smart Parts a call. Interestingly enough, the receptionist passed me directly to Hans Semelsberger, the designer / engineer behind the Ion. Unfortunately, I was rebuffed.

So, I decided I would have to just hack apart a frame myself. So, with a Dremel tool and some JB weld, I went to work. I finished the first version (Qloaded) of this gun (paintjob and all), in Nov. 2007- just about the same time as Smart Parts released the SP-1. Maybe there's a connection?

So, enough of the story, here's the pics:

  • Stock Frame modded for single finger trigger guard and hump
    I can't get used to double finger triggers; the grip mounting of the membrane caused the wires to have to bend too much inside the grip. The guard on this is strong enough to hold the marker upside down from it and it won't budge.
  • NDZ Trigger cut for single finger
  • Stock Breech with cut down feedneck
    I took the stock feedneck and cut it down so that it's flush with the breech. Reason: to cover the exposed threads that are present when you use a DTI2/3 body
  • Deadlywind DTI3 Tactical Body with 'Bobbed Tail' and Deadlywind BOB Tail Cap
    This improves upon the DTI3's BOB design by giving a more direct access to the firecan since I would not be using an m98 stock and, it shaves a little weight.
  • NDZ Spring Detents
  • AKALMP 2-Liter Plus Dual Regulator
  • Virtue EZ-On 2.0
  • Virtue OLED Board
  • Virtue Laser Eyes
  • SP 360 QEV
  • Deadlywind Hollowpoint bolt w/ aluminum bolt stalk
  • SP Freak Back / AA Apex Tip
  • AGD Warp Feed with “Big Cell Mod” and Intellinked to Virtue Board via RF Port.
  • PTP Warp Feed Adapter (Modified with overbore inlet) and custom stovepipe.
  • Custom Picatinny Rail Riser (designed by me and built by UMS)
  • ADCO 30mm Dot sight
    While the sight itself has held up to some serious knocks, the lens covers have been replaced twice.
  • Old school 'No Name' Air Thru Stock
    This stock was originally on My Line SI Bushmaster When I started running two regulators and an expansion chamber. It is about half as light as the more common “T-style” Air-thru stocks made by TASO.
  • BT Folding Foregrip
    Mounted backwards since I don't use it vertically but as an under-barrel grip location much like a hunting rifle.
  • Custom, four color (2 color fades), digi cam pattern in Duracoat
  • Custom MARPAT feedtube and Warp Feed Covers.

Here it is in action:
FN303SD Totmacher 13 | SP 'Woodstalker' Ion | 1989 Line SI Bushmaster SI Deluxe
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