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My pool is GREAT now…. As usual.

I think some folks are skipping over that fact that what happened was not normal. It was caused by events that could not be kept up with and affected ponds all over NH which had to be closed by the State.

I use a modest testing kit which tells me more than simply chlorine and Ph levels. I guess you could call it a mid level kit.

I also use the chlorine tablets in the baskets, along with regular shocking and other chemicals needed to keep levels “good”.

Pools are like fish tanks. You can ask 100 people what they did to keep their tank “right” and get at least 25 different answers. And each tank is different, has different fish, different amount of fish, different fish food, running different filters, you name it. Pools are much the same. It is also why you can go to a “professional” and get one answer and then go to another “professional” and get a different one.

I hope everyone has a nice clear and warm pool this summer. I know I do.
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