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Not to dissapoint you guys or anything, but I found out that they had someone else do the flyers, and those are just "generic paintball" pictures, so to say...

When I was in the shop waiting for my tank to be finished, I noted "nice, you put an sl68II on here!"; at which point the woman told me they had the flyers outsourced. But hey, you know what? Who cares! I'm just anxious to find out about this place. I mean, I have NO IDEA whats going to be there. I know about as much as you guys do - whatevers on the flyer.

Freedom, i'm pming you. Does anyone else think they want to show up? Mabe we can give them an official MCB welcome

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Next time add more yelling and crazy camera angles. Maybe start an episode with you parachuting into your attic, then you immediatley come under fire from the french resistance. I can see it now....
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