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Originally Posted by HP_Lovecraft View Post
Thats very, very strange since the whole entire point of the Tiberius response is that the only problem with the SA8 is the FIXED RELIEF VALVE, instead of the adjustable relief valve of the TAC8.

But the TAC8-R has a fixed valve? Perhaps it is set to a lower PSI making it safer then the SA8, but not as safe as the TAC8?

Strange, strange indeed.
It doesn't matter if it's set to lower PSI, the problem with SA-8's is, even when set to 200 FPS if you get liquid CO2 in there, it will spike over 300 FPS.

Now the T8.1 doesn't seem to have a relief valve, maybe they found out a way to keep C02 out? I think what makes the T8/T9's design prone to these hot shots is the fact that the regulator doesn't let the liquid CO2 leak back.
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