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Originally Posted by Frontier_Bill
What do you mean, as in a dummy?
It isnt a dropout, so that direction wouldnt work...
I was just hoping to route air to the hole in the bottom.
But, the 12gram chamber won't seal on its own. Ariakon should sell an instert sthat seals the chamber just in front of the threaded hole you speak of. As far as the threading for that, I don't know what it is. But if you were to buy the insert for the chamber it should come with hose and bottom line. You might be able to avoid buying the kit, but you'd have to figure how to seal the chamber first.

Also, last myu buddy checked, they didn't yet offer a bottom line setup like the one I'm describing for the ACP, so I don't know if they have one for the overlord.

Hope my rambling helps

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