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Originally Posted by Chappy View Post
That's odd, to say the least. Was there a specific elbow sold with it that put the hooper at the correct angle?

Anyway, Panther VTS it is. Suppose I'll post wtb soon enough.
How much could I expect to pay for a good to very good condition Panther VTS? And are there any specific barrels anyone's used with one that they'd recomend?

Thanks for the help so far guys!
It's really not that drastic an angle, maybe like 47 or 48 degrees...most people wouldn't even notice, but I did. As for cost, 2 years ago, I sold mine for somewhere around $75, I think. I think I've seen one on eBay in the last year with the BIN set just under or near $100. They are pretty rare, but usually don't draw top dollar.
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