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red/black splash customized dropout razorback *price drop*

9/18: Price drop again - $165, and will add a winchester 50 rd hopper.

12/04 - Sale pending

More Gallery photos here: Image Gallery "razorback" by Luke632

Very nice splash Anodizing done by Claudio (Rainman229). Benchmark 45 grip block, trigger shoe, matching 12 gram drop-out. Benchmark block is drilled for standard and offset bottomlines or drops. Also has red anno ASA for CA. The grip panels may be Hogue, but I don't honestly remember. Springs and thumbscrews were replaced with new ones. Will also come with an old I&I Razorback parts kit.

I assembled this over a couple years, and ended up only playing once with it in it's completed form. It's been sitting unused since.

For full disclosure, it has a small nick and wear mark on the trigger assembly by the rear thumbscrew, and a small nick by the front thumbscrew. The CA adapter screw hole was filled and retapped for the razorback thumbscrews.

Very smooth pump! I've been torn on selling this in the past, and would rather trade it. Trades considered: Splash, or other snazzy anodized snipers/pump conversions; palmer's or other customized brass; pump mags; sergison K-frames (just the complete frame). Feel free to offer if there's something else you have in mind. Not looking for any 'cockers, thanks.

Or, $200.
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