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Originally Posted by badkarma
Are you using this for scenario games, speedball, both, or mostly woods/rec play?
It's going to be for pretty much everything, though I've been bitten by the speedball bug as that's the only field I don't need a car to get to. I'm primarily a woodsballer, but I don't always feel like bugging the local regulars for a lift out to the sticks so I can put welts on them.

Plus, y'know, the speedball field is where all the Ion kiddies congregate, and I just looove terrorizing them.

I'm not altering the valve assembly unless it's critical. The shop knows me well enough that the local tech will see how many of MY internal parts he can try to replace before leaving me in a bag on someone else's counter. The Palmer's Stab definitely looks like a good investment on that note. As does the lapco barrel.

And the stock hopper just begs to be replaced, or else I'm going to put a sticker that looks like this: on the front end.

Checking those sites now! Keep the input comin'!
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