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Major Problem - ideas?

I took my T2 out yesterday for some general play & had some pretty major issues develop - so I'm hoping I can get some ideas of where I should be looking, before breaking down the marker myself.

The marker just came back from CCM, after getting tuned and having the top tube replaced, and I've played with it since then, with no problem.

Yesterday, unfortunately, I had HUGE velocity problems. It chronoed fined at the beginning of the day (290 +- 3 fps) but within the first couple of games, I noticed a major decrease in velocity. I went back to the chrono & I was only shooting in the low 200s. The reg is definitely sweet-spotted (it was before & I haven't touched it since).

I also had some leaking issues with the macro-fitting at the ASA (so I did replace the original ASA with a CP one that I had on another marker - aired up just fine).

Over the course of about an hour, I attempted to get the velocity up - then it went way about 300 and back down again. I couldn't get anything that was even consistent to within 20 fps - with the IVG or barely tweaking the reg.

So, I'm very confused as to why this would become a huge problem now, after it shot fine two weeks ago - any ideas?
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