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Originally Posted by Toad Rocket View Post
Alright, I will post this here first.

My 68/45 is stuck on my ASA. I am very careful to make sure I do not cross thread it, nor do I crank it. Line up it, make sure its very snug. I disengaged the air to the marker, but for the life of me I can not undo the bottle by hand.

I took off the bottle cover so I can get a better grip, when I started to put some real effort into I noticed that it started to move. However, since I was paying real close atttention (3k Psi in tank) I noticed it didnt begin to unscrew from the asa, but rather the carbon fibre part started to twist in the metal piece that screws into the ASA. Obviously I stopped and realigned the tank back into its orginal position.

Now the question is, how do I proceed from here? I am thinking of draining the tank, and then taking a pipe wrench to it. (I will use padding as not to marr the metal part).

Anyone got better ideas?

as in the tank started to unscrew from the tank regulator?

how did you screw the tank back onto the reg, there is 3k psi pusing aginst you…?
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