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review is pretty simple, the fit the frame like they were made for em,,,, cause technically, they were.. i had a problem with my original delrin inserts of the webbing between my thumb and index finger snagging on the panels, right were that scoop looking thing is on the top-back, and the delrin doesnt have much in the line of rounded edges, wasnt a big deal but annoying nonetheless.. i also didnt like the idea of gripping the frame with dirty nasty hands and risk scratching up the anno i waited for.. now i have rubber on the front, so no concern with dirty hands, and the grips fill in the scoops.. only complaints, they didnt pop RIGHT on.. they required a minor bit of finagling to get the screw holes lines up.. but that could have been a batch problem with my particular grips.. and the other complaint is, theres a lil pocket formed under the trigger guard, like there is too much grip and not enough frame.. nothing crazy, like maybe the pocket is 1/16th of an inch.. just enough to notice, not enough to actually affect anything.. could be the grips, but id guess that all the 86 frames are like that.. probably from the transition from standard shape CZ frame to the act of making it almost vertical on the leading edge, one of the dimensions was shifted slightly


^And i did it while wearing a helmetcam^ in 1080P HD if you need proof
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