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Originally Posted by HurtCow View Post
HydroTec has created a 68 caliber paintball with a water based fill and shell design making it a lighter projectile with less joules on impact. if they only made them in a slightly small diameter, say 1/2", then manufactured a line of guns to use them, I think they'd revolutionize the sport and make the larger paintballs obsolete.

Seems more like a side effect of the water based fill rather than an intentional feature that they decided to spin rather than let it hamper their marketing.

The way I see it is this: They seem to be targeting field owners with this paint, those who don't sell a lot and risk having a bunch of stock go bad if they buy in bulk. Usually those kinds of fields are recreational fields, which tend to have lower velocity limits to appeal to first timers. The lighter paintball could allow them to raise that limit without raising the pain, appealing to the first timer as well as the experienced player who actually cares what velocity everyone's shooting at.

This could very well be the innovation the sport needs. If the marketing is true, it will allow fields a greater profit margin to (hopefully) use to expand and advertise more, attracting more new players. That is what will help paintball, not TV broadcasting of the most new-player-intimidating kind of paintball, or .50 cal.
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