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Originally Posted by shadow102 View Post

yeah the odd thing about that was i had my invert Halo on the gun just to make sure it had continuous feed however i guess the sensitivity for a pump needs to be turned up since it would occasionally not "hear" and not feed. That and the paint i was using was some really really old RPS nightmare that had issues.

Ya thats the problem i have with the sound activated, its actually the reason i bought my rotor, just had too many problems with my empire B, would work great when it wanted to but when it didnt want to work it just wouldnt, no matter what i would do.

And i dont know why everyone complains about old paint, i love old paint that doesnt break lol, i mean i never shoot it at people, only to play around shooting at a tree with. I still have like almost a full case of 2 year old monster balls, those things are super bad nasty, someone made the joke about a paintball gun chopping, said whatever you do, dont use monster balls or you'll dent your bolt.
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