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Delta Paintball Productions would like to thank many people for this fine weekend.
First and foremost we would like to thank all the players and staff for braving the cold temperatures and venturing out to join us for this great cause. Because of your generosity a lot of children are going to wake up this holiday season with a gift from one of you. We are truly appreciative of your support for this charity event, and these children are the true winners of this weekend.

We would like to thank Steven"Pretty Lou" Ruiz, Aaron" Joker" Daniels, Chris " Topher" Matsinger and their teams The TSSOC, Da Reservoir Dogs and The Wildcards for their parts in commanding this event. Without all of your support and efforts this game would not have been possible.

Finally we would like to thank the EMR staff and the entire EMR family for their support and belief in us. We are very proud to represent EMR to the world and being able to be a part of what makes EMR one of the best fields in the country is truly an honor for all of us at Delta Paintball Productions.

Pictures will soon be up. Our photographer took close to 500 pictures from this event and you are free to use and share them with your friends.

The scoring breakdown will be posted soon as well.

We welcome your feedback on this game and are appreciative of your generous and kind praise. If you have a comment or suggestions on ways to make our future events better please email us at and visit our website at Delta Paintball Productions | Second to none! for more information on upcoming events in the 2011 season.

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