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Level 10 Teching (Originally: lvl x trouble)

This was a thread I started when I was setting up my first level 10 bolt. Many people have posted valuable information here about how to set it up, including diagrams and such. Below you will find a compilation of all the useful info. At the end of this post will be my original post that started the thread.

AGD instructions on level 10 installation:

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Quick tuning instructions:

Remove all LVL 10 shims.
Pick 1 carrier o-ring and stick with it.
Use oil.
Use #2 carrier (2 lines, no dots, or largest one you have).
Shoot 1000 shots to break in o-ring.
Move broken-in o-ring to largest carrier that doesn't leak.
Use red spring for 285 fps. Use longer spring for higher velocity or to be more gentle (fragile paint), shorter spring for lower velocity or to be less gentle (thicker shell).
If bolt sticks after encountering a jam, add a shim.
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Level 10 bolts require a higher operating pressure to work.

The original regulator piston was set to vent at a pressure that would fire too hot for a level 7 bolt. Since the level 10 bolt requires a higher pressure, the venting pressure of the original regulator piston is too low. You can either adjust the venting pressure if you have a vise and some wood, or you can buy a new regulator piston assembly from AGD or Tunamart.
Just a good tip in general, if you have worked on it for a while and tried a lot of combinations, and there are still problems, stop, and go back to square one with setting up the bolt. It should help you clear your head and get it working. Good luck!

Original Post:
First I apologize for not searching but Im at my field I have he smallest carrier and the longest spring. This has produced the least amount of air leaking down the barrel. But its still leaking. Any suggestions?
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They probably talk to the guy at my field that pours mineral oil down his barrel to lube his marker.

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