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Originally Posted by pbalien73 View Post
They also restrict your air flow.

That's aggressive advertising with little relevance.

The biggest restriction in most cockers/ paintball guns is the valve. If your bolt has a higher flow than your valve, you're good to go. If it's too much higher flow, then you're losing energy by allowing the air to expand in the extra bolt area.

Venturi bolts are tough because there are so many different designs. Some are more efficient, others are about equal to open faced, in my experience. There are a couple poorly designed venturi bolts out there, but they're exceptional to my comments.

In short...

Best is close to matched flow rates. A venturi will be a closer match than a super-high-flowin bolt-a-ma-bob.

I've been working on a flowbench to this end, but I've been sidetracked. If anyone wants to collaborate on that project, feel free to pm me.
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