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I see a PPP sticker on one of the tanks and you mention you're from Toronto. Did you happen to swing by PPP and talk to Jeff? I know he's been around a long long time but just because he played back in the day doesn't mean he still has the means (parts ,remebering everything about every marker ever made etc) to fix it up. but it couldn't hurt to ask him, he's a stand up guy in my books.
Is PPP up in Pickering? part of the Next Paintball field? If so, I've definitely talked to Jeff before and if he's who I'm thinking of (one of the brothers who runs the field) then he basically walked me through some of the installation for the new air system as I've never done it before. Infact, he's waiting to see the result.

...and well... we all know what happens when you sit the gun on a table and FORGET to disconnect the remote..... ka-blam!
I don't.
I mean, I can imagine what MIGHT happen, but I've been pretty good at disconnecting it(cutting it off, it has a quick release). Would the line eventually just rupture? or the CO2 just find its way out someplace not so pleasant?

And as for your (HP_Lovecraft) stock, does it just attach to the back receiver using the rear threading?
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