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Originally Posted by chopper duke View Post
This. I don't know that any Sterling remake, or knockoff, etc will live up to or be equal to a Sterling.


I wouldn't consider Arrow-Precision's latest version of the Sterling a 're-make', and it's definately a knock-off.

They've revised what was there, and added to the mix.
They've removed some of the biggest problems;

Velocity adjustment: Once the bane of all of us Sterling owners who used to have to change springs, add shims, or add a regulator, now done with a simple allen key.

Detent: Once needed to be done by Eclipse, Palmer's or other Airsmits, now standard.

Barrel threads: Barrels were simply impossible to find, now threaded with the most prevalent thread pattern in Paintball.

Stock Class Version: Again, this would need to be done by a Custom Shop.

No, I think Arrow precision did it right, now all we need is parts..........
Actually, the detent and velocity was fixed in the previous generation STP, so it's more of an evolution. While parts availability will help, the gun is still not 100% of what it could be. I'd like to think I know what's needed out of a high end pump. Out of the box the sterling doesn't quite measure up to some of the competitors, which is unfortunate because with some changes it could trounce them. I can't agree on the hardline being ok. It's too problematic and out of place on a gun that can that can be nearly completely disassembled without tools. And while spyder threads are common enough, the de facto high-end standard is cocker thread.
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