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uhg... kids these days...

In a nut shell:

I have 4 of these tanks. All hydro'd at the same place, and the same time.

I shipped the first tank out shortly after he paid. I dont come to these forums much, and also for whatever reason, updates always go to my spam folder. I told him in the beginning, to txt me, not email or private message. Txt was the fastest. I hadnt heard back. A few weeks later, i was deleting spam and noticed mcarterbrown was there. Clicked on it, and noticed it was him, and he still hadnt got the tank. I txt him and emailed him letting him know i would ship out a second tank the next day with insurance and tracking, as long as post office confirmed it hadnt got to his house. the next day they had no real answer, so i went ahead and shipped the second tank out, with tracking. This time, he confirms he got the tank after i provide him with tracking number showing it did in fact arrive. I also asked him that if the first tank arrived, to notifiy me, i would paypal him the shipping cost and to return one of the tanks. Then he starts in asking for a refund. But he wants me to refund his money, BEFORE HE SHIPS either tank back to me. I told him no. I dont believe he didnt get the first tank. But no proof. I can prove he got the second tank, however. There is no way im issuing a refund without either tank in my possession. It really feels like this guy was trying to scam me. He noticed the first tank didnt have tracking on it, so he claimed he didnt get it. Hoping i would refund him. The second tank arrives, and now he wants me to refund him the money, while he still has both tanks??? Makes no sense.

Once this BS started getting fishy, i did say i would only communicate via txt or email. This way i had proof of everything that was said. Its called buyer/seller protection. Makes perfect sense to me.

Oh, and sorry, i travel a lot. Yes there were a few days where i was out of town and couldnt be reached. But i made every effort possible to keep this deal moving forward. Including sending out a second tank because i really thought maybe the first one got lost in the mail. Now, im realizing this guy is simply trying to scam me and keep the tanks, and the money
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