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My Largest Gearbag Sale EVER

Alright guys time has come to empty out some extra gearbags I have laying around.. with that being said there is a ton of stuff and pics more can be taken upon request of individual items and what not.. YES I AM LOOKING AT TRADES.. but will have to be in my favor or something I want...
Trade interests...
Ask it don't hurt...
A link to the photo album since photobucket thinks 20 photos in 15 days is 10gigs of space....
Here is a couple pic of everything together and Ill break it down later with close ups of different things if I forget to list something or you think its too high Pm or post it up and Ill get it fixed some of this gear is..


Pinokio with nose cone, original lid/spring, Box, Virtue Speedfeed..... GONE
Halo V35 great little hopper missing 1 magnet on lid..... 55obo
Velocity Jr with Gangstar Chip and speed feed..... 75ob

Headbands, Sandana, Knee pads, Tank covers, Tanks
Dye Ground pounder knee pads very little use..... 40obo
Old School Jt Cover lots of use..... 30obo
Dye Rhino Cover black on left..... GONE
Dye Rhino Cover blue/black on right..... GONE

Empire Dynasty blue headband..... GONE
Digi cam headband..... 25obo
Gucci Sandana..... GONE

68/4500 Rasta Crossfire 5 year tank with 2 years left on hydro..... 145obo
47/3000 "Steelie"...... 35obo Im thinking out of hydro

Continued on down

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