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You have some good tips here.

A lot of people have no idea what a portion is. A serving of meat is 4 oz. That's a piece of steak about as big around as your closed fist.

If you're finding yourself hungry while you're shocking yourself down to whatever your caloric goals are, don't just eat a salad. Get a light string cheese or some cottage cheese in there, or a packet of tuna. Protein, good fats, and fiber are what keep you feeling full.

Some little treasures I've discovered:

Jif Natural Peanut Butter. All the good fats and protein of peanut butter without all the crap that's usually stirred in there. If you've tried natural PB before and didn't like it, try this, it tastes VERY similar to "regular" peanut butter.

Del Monte Fruit Naturals. I mow through these like they're going out of style. 2 servings fruit in pure fruit juice. Look for them at Sams in a box.

Sargento Reduced Fat String Cheese. These go great when you're sipping on a grapefruit fruit natural. 50 calories, some protein and a reasonable dose of good fat. Buy them at sams in the 30 pack bag.

Go to your deli and buy lean cuts of turkey, ham, or chicken. Stay away from the sausages, salamis, etc. Put less on your sammich than you think you need. Four ounces! Weigh it if you have to for a while, to get an idea of how much you should be eating.

Cottage cheese. Get 1% or fat free. Dynamite on the side of a salad. Good fat, protein. Yay!

Tuna is your friend. I like the starkist in the pouch in WATER. Do not eat the stuff in oil. The tuna packed in oil is like slathering your salad with half a bottle of ranch. Basically un-doing the whole point of eating it in the first place.

Want potato chips? Try sensible portions veggie chips or potato straws. They're fantastic.
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