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I've got a picture I'll post when I'm home.

I took mine out to Skirmish for their D-Day last year. 2 days of play, I got around 80-90 hits on people (on 487 paintballs fired). To many of those people didn't call out however.

To be fair though, I honestly think I got around 40 surrenders, just by running up on bunkers. At one point, I took a bunker that had 4 people in it, the bow wasn't even drawn, and I yelled SURRENDER! All four gave up. Then, they realized what I was shooting and started kicking themselves.

Such great fun, but I'm having same velocity issues. Around 220 FPS on a 60 pound draw. (I shorted the length, cause my weak little arms can't pull it back all the way. I'm only 120 lbs!)
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