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As I live in Brazil, I'd like to thank you for agreeing to sell and ship to foreigners as well. I had done several busineses with Titus, Sugarstump and others with no big problems at all but sometimes people just don't want to do business with me just because I am overseas.

The only advice I would like to give you is that you should warn the person in Russia two things:

- It may take quite some time to the merchandise to arrive (I had packages delivered in less than a week and others that took 3, 6 months. One loader I bought took a full year to arrive, believe it or not).
- You should not be held resposible for any customs fees, delays or even aprehension of the marker you are shipping.

When I buy something from outside the country I do know about those points and I never complain with the seller, as long as he/she gives me some proof of shipping. Your buyer must know about that too.
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