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If you're still looking to lose weight, I would eat a diet of mainly animal proteins and fats, with minimal carbohydrates. The carbohydrates you should eat would ideally come from green veggies, fruit, occasional grain sources (oatmeal, brown rice) and milk.

A lot of athletes eat a lot of carbs on the day they workout for an energy boost... while a gentle increase in carbs on a day you workout may not be a bad idea, it may be best to stick to mostly protein and fats to help build muscle.

I don't see why you should change what you eat depending on workout days vs non workout days. Unless you are having trouble with energy, you shouldn't need to change. That said, everyone's body is different and what works for me (I mostly run/cycle and eat mostly fat and protein) may not work for you. As long as you are getting adequate protein to build and repair muscle, and adequate carbs to fuel them, I just don't see why it would matter.

My theory on food and nutrition is, if our ancestors ate it, it's probably a safe choice. I think people look waaaaay too into it. If you workout you need a lot of protein, more than the average person, so eat a lot of protein. Just eat everything that would be healthy... mostly animal fats/proteins and veggies, supplement that with fruit and legumes and the occasional serving of grains.

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