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I miss the old days..

Yeah yeah. Not the 'Old' days, I miss me and my little group of friends, and a set of lowend markers. I miss my powerfeed spyder TL and when the highest firepower any of us had was a sparkly new Diablo Mongoose. I miss the giddy feeling of buying a second hand 9 volt Revvy and an elbow that could actually support it. Not really the 'newbie' amount of experience, more so just when simple equipment like that was all you needed. I dont really know what it is I miss so much about it, but I know that playing a game of speedball with a completely busted *** spyder TL that wouldnt shoot above 170 FPS and wouldnt recock, with a droopy, loose hopper and elbow made me miss it.

I think Im going to put together a real grass roots gun with some class..
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