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Originally Posted by davehome333 View Post
so I let my coworker borrow my LCD last weekend. He had a great time, and was very impressed with the marker, but when he gave the marker back today he told me that the people who ran the field were scarred to fill my conquest tank above 2000 psi (it has a current hydro) they said they had never seen an adjustable tank regulator, they had no idea what the second gauge was for and insisted that the regulator be loctited to the tank. Thankfully my coworker was able to keep the blue-goo away.

Im glad he had a good time, but wtf man? like, how can you run a painball field/shop whatever, and not be an expert on paintball?
Okay, this is just sad.

Originally Posted by sniper42 View Post
I am not sure of their recent policy but for the few years I have been going there, my local field, SC Village Paintball in Socal won't fill a 3.5oz paintball tank. This is a field that has been in business since the start and they won't fill my 3.5 because it is "too small".
A field I play at in Jax told me that filling 3.5 oz don't register on their scale. It doesn't pick up weight until 6oz and by then the 7oz and 9oz are typically past full. He filled it, but said it was tough.
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