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Well thought out TF. I regretted trading off my old S6.5 the second I dropped it off at the post office. I couldn't be any happier, now that I have one again.

I definitely agree on two points with you. I loved the teardrop fluted guide rods, and the S6.5 DEFINITELY needs some sort of vanity cap. Just to add that last finishing touch to the gun. Mine looks alright because the anodizing matches perfectly, but I would still happily pay for a nice vanity cap. It's just one of those little things that could really pull it all together.

The SC and Cram & Jam stuff I actually didn't care for. I had both of them, and tried them quite a few times. They just didn't feel right on the gun. It's just personal preference, but I bought my CCM's because I wanted a high end, open class pump. And I'll be damned if there's any better product out there. Again just my opinion, but I think there are very few companies that can compete with the folks that put these guns in our hands. I have nothing but respect for CCM, and I will continue to support them until my bank account says otherwise.

This most recent S6.5 is my fifth CCM. I still have the CCM/CCI Prototype S6, and I'd be hard pressed to ever let it go. The other three have come and gone. But if it came down to it, and I could only ever own one CCM, the new S6.5 is going nowhere. It's just too good for it's own right. There are things that could be changed, but it wouldn't break my heart if they never came about.
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