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It lives! Constant Air TPX!

I really like the concept of mag-fed paintball guns. And I really like how Tippmann implemented it with the TPX. But I hate (HATE!) 12 grams. I have sold a couple of my favorite markers in the world because they used 12 grams exclusively, and I don't want to own anything I won't use. But luckily, with the TPX, Tippmann gave players like me an out. They have the remote adapter, which, as needlessly proprietary as it is, was the key to making this work. You see, I also don't like remote lines. And big air tanks. I guess I'm kind of picky about my air source. 13/3k on gun or bust, except in very rare big game situations (then it's a 50/45 on gun).

But I digress. I got a TPX, and wanted to make this work. Let's just see if this is even practical:

Yes, that is a duckbill ASA held to the trigger guard with zipties. Steady? No. Secure? No. Usable in game? No way in hell. But, the concept works. The tank isn't unreasonably long from there (for me, anyway, a lot of people will probably disagree), so we might be on to something.

I think I need a 'mag ASA. That should work:

Two things of importance here: first, hiding under Tippmann's remote nipple are standard 1/8 npt threads, so you can add whatever you want back there. Perfect. Second, this setup is completely impractical. Perfectly functional, but the tank hinders reloading rather severely. What I need is a weaver adapter that will allow me to mount that ASA vertically from that rail:

Now we're on to something. With a tank, it's a tad front heavy, and quite tall, but I don't find either particularly troubling:

Now this is something I can use. Thanks to the various people who have given me help along the way, as I've posted a number of threads and PM'd a number of people with questions.
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