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Originally Posted by Listessa View Post
Yeah, they're a little too hot. I like taking them off from time to time during break so I can let the knees on my pants dry out. (I have an overheating problem.)

Actually the good floorlayer knee pads are something like $200, rebuildable, and they strap on in a way that doesn't scrape the backs of your legs raw.

All in all it's not too bad, and much worth saving a trip to the ER! Stay SAFE!
To put a shameless plug in here.

I just got a pair from Valken and the pads are actually pretty breathable. I got their Sierra's and tried them out the first time this past weekend. They are vented in the nether region so keeps you cool, and the pad is only on the front and it is light weight but functional, and not very warm to wear.

Back to the sympathy.

Sorry to hear about the blow out. If I was still up Huntsville way I would come see you all at Bear Claw this year. Oh well. I will get back up that way sometime.
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