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adrenline imp, CnC & Fly angels, toxic dm3

More guns up for sale. prices are definitely OBO. not really looking for trades but ill look at any offers, prefer stuff 2k3 and older.
Adrenaline Impulse

Ok so this was working last time it got aired but that was a long time ago, so it may need some lube or something. the noid clicks and the board chirps so the electronics seem to be in working condition. sorry i dont have the matching frame, it came with an I-frame and im keeping that so it just has a stocker imp frame with an eclipse blade trigger. it will come exactly as pictured. the barrel is a carbon fiber sly kit, 3 backs 1 front. asking 200 for it.
Toxic DM3

This toxic is awesome but alas too many guns not getting used and this is one of them. comes with an acid wash bolt and a matching freak tip. awesome gun and worked great last time it was aired up. asking 275. lets see some offers.

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