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Are you sure you're eating enough calories? I played hockey for 12 years, I was always in shape but had excess fat -- playing for two teams, skating 6 nights a week, looking back I was not eating ENOUGH which is probably why my body was storing a decent amount of body fat.

But, like I've said, a male is going to mostly store fat on their stomach and you can't spot reduce body fat, it's a whole. And like heinous said, the amount of lean mass you have is going to really effect your metabolism. The more lean mass you have and the less body fat you have, the faster it'll be -- which partly explains why your fit friends can eat so much and retain their current weight. I've read that running 12 miles a week is ideal for losing body fat. But if your goal is to build muscle, you should probably run and cut body fat first before hitting the weights too extensively. If you lift a lot and run, it's possible you could burn too many calores, and while you'd be losing weight, your body won't be able to build muscle as effectively.

It sounds like your cardio is good with hiking and paintball, and while they're good workouts, I don't believe the average day of paintball really burns that many calories. Hiking would over time, but any trail mix (high calorie, but still healthy if made right) could counter that. In short, there really is no substitute for cardio such as a brisk walk combined with running, heavy cycling or swimming. Swimming or cycling are probably the two best -- you can't go wrong with running, but if you hit the bike enough, you'll get ripped.

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