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sold $250 for merlin body set, you get what you see and internals sold

bodies below only include what you see, no internals

sold $40 for each mid block bodies, lots of eye holes drilled both sold

$60 for the top body
sold $50 for the bottom body sold

$35 for the body, looked like someone took off the feed to make it a stock class pump body

$65 for the top hb body
$50 for the middle blue hb body, someone took off part of the milling an anno
$35 for the bottom hb rt feed body, milled a bit to low but still works

$60 for each body in pic, drilled for bb eyes. if they do not sell they will be mid block and re listed

$50 for the top rt feed pre 2k body
$40 for the bottom rt feed pre 2k body

$8 for each 2k banjo bolt
sold 2nd to the left 2k banjo bolt sold
$5 for each pre 2k banjo bolt

$.50 for each 10/32 drop/asa screws
$.50 for each screw to plug the hole in the asa
$2 for each vertical asa cocker screw
$.50 for each 10/32 set screw
$.50 for each vertical hole plug screw

sold $8 for brass detent sold
$25 for eclipse detent
$15 for one of the other detent
sold chrome detent sold
sold second from the right detent to racist flea sold
$30 for pair of killa detent

$5 for each pull pin

$40 for the dye frame
sold $30 for st frame sold
sold $15 for wgp frame sold

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